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At Ducky Pond Preschool, we believe that every child is a unique individual, whose primary learning in the preschool years comes through play and engagement in a fully inclusive environment. It is our goal to try in every way to help each child and their families reach their potential, through the excitement of discovery, all learning together, while recognizing distinctive needs.

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Back in 1992, we started out as a basement-run facility. Soon, we relocated to a church in Blue Point. Ducky Pond Preschool has gained an excellent reputation with the parents and children year after year and we are proud to continue to serve the surrounding communities with profoundly rewarding childcare.

We are set apart by our quality, engaging, academic teaching style coupled with excelling in training children up in Godly character.
Our Mission Statement is to bring children into an exciting safe environment, preparing them academically, while building them up in God’s Word.

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